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WELCOME to Fomaafang

Who are we?

We are a non-profit foundation, inspired by the promoter of the company PCDUCHAT MONEY S.A. The promoter has a citizen conception of his company hence the idea of ​​setting up the foundation fomaafang to accompany PC DUCHAT in its humanitarian component. The latter witnessed helplessly the fatal malaise of his grand-mother FANGUEM GEORGETE at around 3am.Hence the idea of ​​guiding its foundation on the assistance and training of first-aiders and the protection of life from the ills that put it at risk, by setting up an innovative system called Life Card. The purpose of this system is to facilitate access to medical care, initial care, etc.

Saving lives

We save lives and teach you how to preserve them in order to consolidate them while building our country.  Saving a life involves educating, sharing and transmitting the message, the good or the love. In our foundation Fomaafang, satisfaction begins when smiles appear.

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